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Lola Granola Bar

Delicious all-natural wheat and soy free chewy energy bar packed with high protein and Omega 3′s. The bar is made with local source honey and oats and contains no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. Some are probiotic. Kosher. Packed twelve. Blueberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Almond & peanut.

Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookie

More than a cookie, a complete breakfast. An all-natural cookie made with nuts and fruits and contains two grams of Omega 3’s. Extended shelf life. Packed eighteen. Orange Cranberry Nut (original), Gingered Apple (nut-free), Banana Coconut, Cocoa.

Gluten Free Short Bread

'Authentic handmade all butter, all natural gluten-free Scottish shortbread cookie. Packed twelve.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

A handmade, hand-wrapped gluten-free cookie made with the finest all-natural ingredients and loaded with chocolate chips. May taste better than traditional chocolate chip cookies. Packed eight.

Hand Decorated Cookies

Butter cookies beautifully decorated by hand for the holidays. Individually wrapped and labeled. Assorted. Packed twelve.

Gluten-Free Cookie Bar

Finally a great tasting gluten-free individually wrapped four ounce all-natural cookie bar. Packed twelve. Cinnamon Toast, Mocha Chip, Brownie, Blondie, Orange Cranberry, Assorted