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Lola Granola Bar

Delicious all-natural wheat and soy free chewy energy bar packed with high protein and Omega 3′s. The bar is made with local source honey and oats and contains no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. Some are probiotic. Kosher. Packed twelve. Blueberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Almond & peanut.

Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookie

More than a cookie, a complete breakfast. An all-natural cookie made with nuts and fruits and contains two grams of Omega 3’s. Extended shelf life. Packed eighteen. Orange Cranberry Nut (original), Gingered Apple (nut-free), Banana Coconut, Cocoa.

Gluten Free Short Bread

'Authentic handmade all butter, all natural gluten-free Scottish shortbread cookie. Packed twelve.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

A handmade, hand-wrapped gluten-free cookie made with the finest all-natural ingredients and loaded with chocolate chips. May taste better than traditional chocolate chip cookies. Packed eight.

Hand Decorated Cookies

Butter cookies beautifully decorated by hand for the holidays. Individually wrapped and labeled. Assorted. Packed twelve.

Gluten-Free Cookie Bar

Finally a great tasting gluten-free individually wrapped four ounce all-natural cookie bar. Packed twelve. Cinnamon Toast, Mocha Chip, Brownie, Blondie, Orange Cranberry, Assorted

Almond Crescent

Moist and chewy crescent shaped almond macaroon, rolled in thinly sliced roasted almonds. Packed twelve.

Apple Turnover

Light and flaky pocket, chock full of apples and drizzled with icing. Packed twelve.

Bella Bar

Hand wrapped, handmade, almost four-ounce all natural, gourmet bar made with butter. Available in assortments or single flavors. Packed twelve. Assortment A: Snicker Doodle, Blackout Brownie, Salted Caramel Blondie Assortment B: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Raspberry Linzer, Cappuccino Swirl Assortment C: Salted Caramel Brownie, Triple Chip Blondie, Coconut Macaroon


Delicious handmade, hand cut, individually wrapped and tied, large twice baked confection. We use the best all natural flavorings, nuts, and fruits available. Initial order comes with assorted flavors in a display basket. Extended shelf life. Packed three dozen.

Black and White Cookie

Large soft five-ounce cookie with generous amounts of chocolate and vanilla frosting. Wrapped on two boards of six cookies. Also available mini and individually wrapped. Kosher D


QUARTER SHEET … Made with sweet butter, chocolate chips, walnuts, and fresh eggs. No corners or edges and yields twelve pre-cut portions. Kosher D


Large blond brownie laced with chocolate chunks. Packed twelve.


The best combination of a fudge brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. Packed twelve.

Butter Loaf

Sweet butter and fresh eggs are used in baking this sixteen-inch loaf that weighs over four pounds. Available 16 pre-cut portions or unsliced. Kosher D Available *individually wrapped or in quarter loaves. *Butter Pound, *Marble, *Red Velvet, *Chocolate Chip, Raisin, *Double Chocolate, *Orange Poppy, *Banana Nut, *Iced Carrot, *Cranberry Walnut, *Lemon with a sugar and lemon glaze


Individual clear-wrapped farm-fresh butter and heavy cream caramels. First order comes with a lucite display. Vanilla, Salted Chocolate. Packed fifty.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Large all-natural five-ounce cookie made from pure sweet butter and loaded with bittersweet chocolate. Wrapped on two boards of six cookies each. Kosher D

Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Large all natural five-ounce cookie made with butter, oats, cinnamon, and loaded with raisins. Wrapped on two boards of six cookies each. Also available individually wrapped. Kosher D

Chinese Cookie

Large round almond cookie with a large chocolate dollop in the center. Packed twelve.

Chocolate Chunk Brownie

QUARTER SHEET … Rich fudgy brownie made with sweet butter, chocolate, chocolate chunks, fresh eggs and no nuts. No corners or edges and yields twelve pre-cut portions. Kosher D

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Over four ounce cookie loaded with chocolate chunks. Packed twelve.


Large, moist French donut style muffin brushed with butter and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Extended shelf life. Packed twelve.

Confetti Cookie

A classic sugar cookie loaded with colorful sprinkles. Packed twelve.

Cookie Patch Assortment

Homemade goodness in every bite. An assortment of three each of four different handmade cookie flavors, each over three ounces and individually wrapped. Almond, Double Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Chip, Ginger Crinkle. Solid flavors available.

Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie

QUARTER SHEET … A rich all butter brownie with a cream cheese swirl topping. Yields twelve pre-cut portions on a board.

Crisps and Snaps

A distinctive, tasty, nutritional baked snack made from green peas, lentils and black beans. Also good with soups and salads. Packed twelve 3.3 oz. mylar bags. Lightly Salted Snapea, Wasabi Ranch Snapea, Black Pepper Snapea, Tomato Basil Lentil and Mango Chili Lime Black Bean


Traditional French pastry baked with layers of sweet butter, making it light and flaky. Packed twelve. Kosher D Butter, Chocolate

Crumb Cake

German style butter crumb cake with mounds of crumbs. No corners or edges and yields twelve pre-cut portions. Also available individually wrapped. Kosher D Olde Fashioned, Blueberry Kringle, Apple


Decorated butter cream and cream cheese iced 6 oz. cupcakes, individually packaged in a custom-made clear container. Packed six. Kosher D Red Velvet, Vanilla, Filled Chocolate Ganache, Cookies & Cream, Carrot, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Coconut


A variety of butter style Danish pastries that could include chocolate, cheese, fruit and cinnamon raisin, as well as bow ties. Delivered in a baker’s assortment. Packed twelve.

Fruit Pockets

Hungarian pastries made with delicious fruit fillings, real butter and cream cheese, topped with crystal sugar. Raspberry and Apricot flavors. Five-pound bulk and 8 oz. clam shell containers. Packed twelve. Kosher D


Assorted flavors of luscious creamy fudge individually wrapped 1.25 ounce pieces. Packed in a shelf display box of 24.

Fudge Brownie

Large moist fudgy brownie baked without nuts. Packed twelve.

Fudge Swirl Cookie

Distinctive butter cookie with a swirl of chocolate icing, topped with M&Ms. Artfully packed five-pound trays. Also available in an eight-ounce elegant crystal-clear package.

Fun Crispy Treat

Large chewy square with fun fruity cereal stirred into the marshmallow. Packed twelve.

Ginger Cookie

Uniquely crispy/chewy cookie baked with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, butter, and molasses. Cookies not wrapped individually but over-wrapped, three stacks of six cookies on a board.

Heavenly Bar

A marriage of a nut free chocolate fudge brownie on the bottom with a chocolate chip studded, toasted-coconut top. Packed twelve.

Italian Cookie

A variety of cookies made with raspberry and peach preserves, almond and vanilla extracts. In various shapes with long shelf life. Artfully packed five-pound tray. Also available in fourteen ounce crystal clear packages, packed twelve. Kosher Parve. Round: Jelly, Powder, Chocolate Chip, Sprinkle, Half Dip, Long: Half Dip, Sprinkle, Powder, Spray S-shape: Plain, Sesame Seed

Lace Florentine Cookie

Melt-in-your-mouth thin, crisp almond lace chocolate filled sandwich cookie, made with sweet butter, cinnamon, and vanilla. Artfully packed five-pound trays. Also available in eight ounce elegant crystal clear packages, packed twelve. Kosher D

Leaf Cookies

Buttery leaf sandwich cookie. Classic colors green, pink, vanilla and chocolate with rich chocolate filling. Five-pound bulk and 8 oz. clam shell containers. Packed twelve. Kosher D.